About Me


When I started my college career I knew I was interested in how people worked so I majored in Sociology at CSULB and enjoyed my brain growing with new ideas. After I graduated in 2005 the realities of life showed up and I entered the non-profit world. I learned about being an adult, about different cultures, and how to appreciate people’s unique qualities. And then I realized, I really wanted a career where I could be out in the community helping people.

I returned to school at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles to get my Master’s in Clinical Psychology, emphasis in Marital and Family Therapy. I graduated in 2012 with some experience under my belt and plenty more to come.

I live in Cerritos, CA with my family. We enjoy the landscape, culture, and diversity our community has to offer. We often remind each other just how much we appreciate the life we’ve created with each other.

Ziplining in Wrightwood for my 2013 birthday. What an adventure!

“The power of awareness can change our well-being” Dr. Dan Siegel

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