About Me

I have a degree in Sociology from CSULB and I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, emphasis in Marital and Family Therapy from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles.

With those degrees I was able gain experiences in the field where I learned about different cultures, how to appreciate people’s unique qualities, and I learned that everyone has their own stories. I worked with all ranges of mental health needs in schools, community mental health, residential facilities, and in private practice. It was in those positions that I was able to coordinate, manage, supervise, lead, coach, and mentor. My passion for helping people meet their goals expanded from just my clients’ mental health goals to my team members, my supervisees, and my colleagues’ professional goals. As I moved to full time private practice I have guided my colleagues through the process as well so that they can provide the support that is so needed in the community. As I’ve told many, we have to raise each other up.

I am certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and trained in Gottman Method for couples therapy. I continue my education by deepening my knowledge about how the brain works, mindfulness, social justice, and relationships.

I live in Cerritos, CA with my family. We enjoy the landscape, culture, and diversity our community has to offer. We often remind each other just how much we appreciate the life we’ve created with each other.

Ziplining in Wrightwood for my 2013 birthday. What an adventure!

“The power of awareness can change our well-being” Dr. Dan Siegel

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