– Individual Counseling/Therapy
– Family Therapy
– Group Therapy
– Pre-marital Counseling
– Relationship Counseling
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“Therapy is not about helping people feel better, it’s about helping them better feel.” Jerry Duvinsky

Why I enjoy working with couples:  I believe one of the most powerful connections can be made between two people in a couple. If you know that at least one person has your back and will stand by you no matter what, it makes the hard times that much easier, and the good times that much more enjoyable. I love helping couples rediscover that ability to see each other’s strengths and come back together, when they have been pulling apart.

“Love is beautiful when it’s professed, but it’s only meaningful when it’s practiced.” Brené Brown

male student readingWhy I enjoy working with quarter lifers (20-30 year olds): Developing into an adult is hard. There are so many expectations about what life should look like and then add in depression, anxiety, losses, etc. and life starts to feel as if you are continually trying to climb out of holes. I am passionate about helping quarter lifers find their joy in life, as it is, as we work together to start creating the foundation of the life they really want.

Why I enjoy working with adolescents: Just as adolescence is getting started teens start asking questions like “Who am I?” “What do I stand for?” “Are my friends really my friends?” Sometimes those questions are hard to answer and get muddled by the experiences life throws at teenagers. I enjoy guiding adolescents through those experiences, learning how to check-in with themselves to see how they feel about choices they have in front of them, and learn the ability to process uncomfortable situations enough to see a lesson learned. I truly believe that the teen years create a trampoline to one’s path in their early 20’s and how they learn to become adults.Being a teenager is practice for being an adult, testing one’s wings, strengthening decision-making skills, and utilizing positive coping skills.

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