New Year Vision Boards

I’ve really enjoyed creating my own vision boards each year and highly encourage my clients to take the time to reflect on what they want out of the new year. I try to focus on what I want it to feel like, what experiences I want to have, or what do I want to change.

Over the years I’ve cut out and collected pictures, words and phrases so I spread those out and pick the ones that I’m drawn to. If you don’t have a collection like me you can pick up a couple of magazines that feel like your style and as you go through really try to focus on what you’re pulled to, what catches your eye, what makes your body react and start cutting things out.

I use a medium sized poster board or construction paper and start arranging the items to glue them down in a visually pleasing way. Then I put the board up next to my bed, a place I will see it daily, so I am reminded what I wanted to make of this year. Over the years I’ve gotten vacations to happen, focused my family’s non-profit giving, and made personal changes because of the vision boards.

Let’s see what you can make happen!

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