Being Content In the Moment

One Sunday afternoon, I had come home from some errands and visiting with family, and instead of the usual opening of windows, turning electronics on, and starting to check things off of the never-ending todo list, I sat at the dinning room table and read a thought-provoking article.

I had been reading for a while, when I realized how relaxed I was to be feeling the breeze from the ceiling fan on low, hearing the neighborhood kids playing outside, reading by the evening summer sunlight, and filling my brain with useful information. It made me realize how much we as humans need that kind of time. 

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about “living in the moment” just as much as I have. I probably heard at least three people talk about it in different settings just this weekend. We all know we need to do more of it, but where will we find the time, and how will we know when we’re being mindful? 

I believe that being content is one of the best feelings out there, to just enjoy what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, and appreciating the environment you’re in. I hope you all get to be content in the moment today, even for just a moment. 

Take Care!

Holiday Highs and Lows

I’m sure we all have experienced the holiday chaos. There are holiday parties, family get-togethers, shopping extravaganzas, house cleaning before and after each activity, and in the middle of all that our emotions and stress level may be getting a little out of control. But we brush that aside because we have too much to do, we can’t slow down.

Multi-generation family enjoying holiday dinnerSometimes slowing down for just a few minutes to really take in where you are, what is going on around you, and how you are feeling can help slow down the volcano that was building up inside you. Doing this can help you fully appreciate the holiday season and start the new year off in a more positive place.

Let’s do it now! Take a couple deep breaths, look at your surroundings, acknowledge how you’re feeling, no judgements, and take a couple more deep breaths. There, wasn’t that nice? Now get back out there!

Everyone has their own way of getting back to their happy place. A blogger/designer, Holly Becker, I enjoy, recently wrote a post about how she gets herself out of a funk. Take a look.

And of course if you still need some help come talk to me! I care!